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Advanced Food Labs, Inc. is a full service, ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited analytical laboratory specializing in the microbiological, chemical, and nutritional analysis of food and food-related materials. For over 25 years our company has been servicing national and international industry professionals including processors, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. ​

At Advanced Food Labs, we are committed to providing high quality services with fast, reliable, and accurate data results. Our staff includes industry professionals with years of experience in every aspect of laboratory testing, from food microbiology and chemistry to product formulation and processing. Each analysis in our comprehensive scope of services follows strict adherence to only official and validated methods that meet national and international standards of proficiency and ensure data accuracy.


Beyond our scope of analytical services we also provide on-site and off-site consulting in the research, development, and troubleshooting of food and food-related material processing. We offer consulting for our clients that need assistance in quality control validation protocols and/or procedures. We also work to ensure the sanitation of production facilities by providing sampling supplies and analyses for executing environmental monitoring programs.  

We strive to conduct all procedures with integrity, confidentiality, and

expert science. We encourage regular communication with our clients to promote a good understanding of the laboratory evaluations and data results. Our reports are generated in a user-friendly format and our scientists are always ready to address any questions or concerns you may have. 

Advanced Food Labs is not beholden to shareholders. We have no other interest to deter us from our goal of providing high quality, all-encompassing solutions to ensure food safety, water quality and environmental health. We are your food safety partners that work just as an extension of your facility in order to keep your production on schedule and to ensure business flows smoothly. We want your products to excel in the highly competitive marketplace. When you succeed, we succeed.

Microbiological Food Analysis
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