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The widespread distribution of food and drink products can inevitably promote serious health hazards. Advanced Food Labs, Inc. is a full service, PJLA ISO accredited laboratory specializing in the microbiological, chemical, and nutritional analysis of food and food-related materials. In addition to analytical testing, we also provide on-site and off-site consulting and training services tailored to your needs. 

For over 25 years our company has been committed to providing expert science, affordable prices, and unrivaled turnaround times. We are focused on meeting national and international standards of proficiency to ensure your products excel in the highly competitive marketplace. Our mission is to work with industry professionals to ensure public health and safety. 

Our company

Each analysis in our comprehensive scope of services follows strict accredited methodologies. Some of our specialized services include:


  • Microbiological Parameters

  • Pathogens

  • Chemical and Physical Parameters

  • Sensory Evaluations

  • Nutritional Parameters

  • Shelf Life Investigations

  • Sanitation Audits

  • Water Analysis

  • Rancidity

  • Consulting Services


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Tel: (617) 269-6424  Fax: (617) 268-1635